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Being met by my team or colleagues in the morning is rewarding in itself. Great team spirit and ability to work together towards common goal is important. As important as the ability of the company management to lead and inspire, involve and engage. I like to be involved in the company development and contribute with my knowledge and energy. In a typical day at work I would have few meetings to align and agree on future plans and actions, follow up on what each of us have been up to. I would keep myself updated on the company results and strategy, either by talking to my boss or getting this information online. I thrive in dynamic company environment and by being part of it, I employ my transformational leadership skills at its best.
I am always on the learning path and try to learn new skills and obtain new information/knowledge daily. Either from colleagues, management, professionals outside the company, literature and online sources. I also happily share my experience with others. And this is one of my drives in my work. Being part of good team is the other. Hardest part at work would be luck of appreciation and unfair treatment.
Work from home
Lack of good IT systems
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