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We have skilled employees who work hard, deliver the right quality each day and take responsibility for the tasks that need to be done. We expect all our employees to contribute to an efficient, constructive, safe and inclusive workplace.

We regularly need to recruit qualified workers within a wide range of disciplines and job types. We employ trained
 – mere... butchers as well as skilled workers in production. We also employ engineers, Managers and supervisor to ensure stable operation and perform many other tasks. Positions also include office support in areas such as administration, sales, finance, IT, development and planning.

Working for Danish Crown offers both challenges and professional development. For employees who make a determined effort, there are good career opportunities, either as a specialist or a manager

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we would be nowhere without them.

We value trust, openness and integrity. These principles transcend throughout the entire company, and reflect the way we do business with our customers.

Some employees have been with us for over 20 years, while some have joined as young men and women to learn and grow within our supportive and ambitious environment.
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af de ansatte synes godt om direktørens præstation
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Skrevet af Aamand fodermester (tidligere ansat) fra Holsted den 22 januar 2020
Jeg blev fyret sammen med min kollega på grund, der går ned med produktionen. Jeg arbejdede med grofthakket, og der masser nathold afdelinger ikke så mange bestillinger.
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