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Om Danish Crown

We have skilled employees who work hard, deliver the right quality each day and take responsibility for the tasks that need to be done. We expect all our employees to contribute to an efficient, constructive, safe and inclusive workplace. We regularly need to recruit qualified workers within a wide range of disciplines and job types. We employ trained – 

Our History

Danish Crown's history begins in 1887, when the first Danish cooperative pig slaughterhouse was founded in Horsens. It all began in Horsens On 14 July 1887, 500 farmers in the Horsens region joined together and founded Denmark's first pig slaughterhouse. A founding general meeting was held, the land was bought, construction was started and the equipment was set up. On 22 December 1887, Horsen's Andelssvineslagteri was ready to slaughter the first pigs. It was a big event, and the local newspaper, Horsens Folkeblad, had sent a journalist to the slaughterhouse. - At 4 1/2 o'clock the first pig was "taken" almost literally "by the wing leg", that is to say a noose was placed around one of its legs and the pig was tailed to the weather up to the beginning of the iron running pole, the journalist begins the article with. Ever since the first slaughter at Danish Crown, emphasis has been placed on careful work. It was already noticed among the spectators at the first slaughter in 1887. - The audience in attendance admired the skill with which the master butcher performed the cut. A butcher here from the town bared his head in reverence; However, he could not do that afterwards, wrote Horsens Folkeblad. Denmark's first cooperative pig slaughterhouse was a success from the start. During the slaughterhouse's first year, 23,400 hogs were slaughtered and 2.2 million pounds of pork were sold. This resulted in a profit of DKK 75,400. The opening of the cooperative pig slaughterhouse attracted a lot of attention in Danish agriculture, and it was the start of a new era in Danish agricultural history. Cooperative slaughterhouses sprang up all over the country, and in 1962 there were 62 cooperative slaughterhouse companies in Denmark.

Work With Us

Become part of Danish Crown From Randers to Rostock, and Hörby to Hong Kong, we create a more sustainable future for food and for our employees. Danish Crown is a place for the energetic with big dreams. We are brewing new solutions that will reform our industry, and the only way we can succeed is by working together. All 26,000 of us are working together on this great and important challenge.

Meet Danish Crown

One crown, one team With a turnover of approx. 60 billion kroner, around 26,000 employees, sales to more than 130 countries and production in several European countries as well as in China, Danish Crown is one of the major players on the global food market. We stand on the shoulders of over 130 years of history with tradition and innovation, and we have a vision to deliver climate-neutral production of food by 2050. Help us achieve it. The answer is responsibility When we change a centuries-old industry, it requires passion, talent and patience. And not least awareness of the responsibility we have to create better results for our planet. We have big ambitions, but our feet firmly planted on the ground At Danish Crown, you become part of a culture that is strongly grounded in our shared history. Our work culture is characterized by an informal tone and a high degree of trust, and here you can expect to become part of an organization with clear and defined goals that all employees work together to achieve. We are loyal to each other and we look after each other. We are proud of our work and that we solve an important social task by producing food. At Danish Crown, we are dedicated and competitive. We question things and dare to take chances. And most importantly, we believe that we achieve the best results by working together. Danish Crown principles At Danish Crown, we base our cooperation on 5 Danish Crown principles. The principles guide us in our behavior and decisions in everyday life. The principles are based on Danish Crown's strengths and remind us to maintain focus on our goals. They help us build a professional culture and achieve both short-term and long-term goals. The 5 principles are: - Dedicated to results - Ask an ambassador - Together with Consumers and Customers - We are One Team - Develop and Empower People Come as you are The best workplace is diverse, inclusive and treats everyone equally. At Danish Crown, you can feel at home, even when you are at work - and you will certainly be inspired by your colleagues' passion for craftsmanship and quality. You know your worth. So do we. That's why we trust that when you go after your own goals, you help achieve ours at the same time. Get something to chew on - Be inspired by the passion of your colleagues Danish Crown is a limited company, but is owned by the cooperative 'Leverandørselskabet Danish Crown AmbA', which has elected a board of directors consisting of cooperative owners. The business organization is managed out of the headquarters in Randers, but there are business units and factories in several countries and locations. We stand on the shoulders of over 130 years of history filled with tradition and innovation, and our vision is to deliver climate-neutral production in 2050.