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Good to start your career or if you are about to retire with good benefits

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22 februar 2020
Pros: good benefits, good products, Below are strictly for ERP IT - good to start your career, good if you are in your final years of retirement and don't have any drive left for work, good if you have passion for something else besides the work, you will get lots of time to follow your personal life goals, salary is not great but average based on the market If you are below mediocre at analytical skills and the ERP knowledge; just want to come at 9 and leave at 4.30; do not have any passion for work, then this is the right Company and great team (ERP) for you. If you are a good analyst then they will keep you as an analyst for rest of your life, but if you are pathetic as an analyst then you will get promoted if you can JUST do the talking Cons: These cons are strictly for ERP IT- No growth opportunity for the deserving candidates, All the managers suck up to the management so if you have different opinion you will be shut down 80% of the ERP Managers don't know the ERP system so if you are good a good ERP Analyst then god bless you with your review and growth opportunities You don't need to know the ERP to grow in your career, you just need to be able to talk in descent English (still there are some managers who don't even speak proper English and suck at managing people which will also make you wonder what got them to that position) If you are the one who can troubleshoot and fix the issue quickly this is not the company for you If you don't know Oracle ERP but know how to create the SRs to fix the issue and make it SEV1 and provide visibility to the - mere...
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  1. Good to start your career or if you are about to retire with good benefits