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Orientation If You’re Hired On For The Warehouse Is Very Misleading A lot Of Smoke And Mirrors

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17 marts 2020
So basically day one you set through an orientation and take a tour of the building you won’t ever go to this orientation is directly directed towards the employees at what I like to call the White House or Building 3 they feed you and tell you about yoga, ping pong tournaments, the great cafeteria, volleyball, the gym, taking walks, the importance of being able to relax and Gary and Mings vision of a happy work environment. Smoke and mirrors is all they’re telling you if you’re a warehouse employee it’s two completely different worlds and you’re an absolute number in the warehouse or building 5 and you learn that quickly. Typically it’s very easy money though I will say I’ve never seen more of a failure in a system than their warehouse so a lot of milk time so bring your cookies but they’re starting to veer towards an Amazon warehouse environment and regime. But the difference is the people who run the warehouse appear to be a little to small for their britches and aren’t built for management especially after the money they hemorrhaged in 2019 with unnecessary overtime that pushed them way beyond their budget but building 3 is out of sight so they assume everything is necessary which is really not absolutely no more production was made with their large amounts of overtime than if everybody would’ve been sent home on time. Also everything sounds great like they care about their employees which they care about the big boy building employees but theirs a lot of fine print that you learn that makes you realize you’re a number in the warehouse unlike what they promote your worth - mere...
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  1. Orientation If You’re Hired On For The Warehouse Is Very Misleading A lot Of Smoke And Mirrors