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Nearly 100 million Americans will suffer from a psychiatric or neurological disorder at some point in their lives. These are friends, family and neighbors wrestling with the debilitating symptoms of depression, talented young men and women dealing with lives torn at the seams by schizophrenia, and grandparents struggling to preserve their sense of self – mere... against the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease.

At Lundbeck, we believe life is too beautiful to be interrupted by brain disorders.

While brain research is complicated (the human brain is the most complex instrument in the known universe, containing nearly 100 billion neurons), risky (only 12 percent of molecules developed become approved therapies), and expensive (it takes a year longer to develop treatments for brain disorders than other pharmaceutical products and is half as likely to receive marketing approval, contributing to higher development costs), it is also essential. That’s why Lundbeck is the only global pharmaceutical company focused solely on the brain.

Lundbeck is uncompromisingly committed to the research, development and delivery of targeted therapies for people living with significant psychiatric and neurological disorders. The people of Lundbeck believe these disorders can and must be cured, which is why we work every day toward bettering our knowledge of the brain, applying that knowledge to constantly improve therapies, and striving for a greater awareness of brain disorders and greater social acceptance of patients challenged by these conditions.

Lundbeck has been engaged in brain disorder research and drug development for more than 70 years. During that time, we have brought breakthrough therapies to millions of people suffering from both psychiatric and neurological disorders. And we're just getting started.
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H.Lundbeck en ambisiøs virksomhed
Skrevet af Management Supporter NDC H.Lundbeck (tidligere ansat) fra Valby, D84 den 10 september 2015
Hele min ansættelse på Nordic Distribution Center NDC, H. Lundbecki Valby, har været præget af værdien: Be ambisious. Vi har i afdelingen sat ambisiøse må for udvikling af Business Excelence og har på vigtige KPI paramentre leveret resultater >99,5 % på leveringsevne af kundeordre, levering med korrekt kvalitet første gang, samt reduceret antallet - mere...
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