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NORMAL is a retail chain which sells absolutely normal products at abnormal prices.

Everything we sell are NORMAL products that you use in your everyday life – e.g. Ajax for cleaning, Gillette for shaving, hair care from L´Oréal or makeup from Maybelline.

We buy the brands where they are cheapest, so we can sell them to you at fixed, low prices,
 – mere... while we also make a little profit.

We are capable of competing on remarkably lower prices because we import the products from distributors all over the EU. We buy the goods where they are cheapest and can avoid price-raising intermediaries. That way you will often save 30 – 60% compared to market prices.

NORMAL, however, is much more than fixed, low prices on everyday brands. Our goal is to give you, our customers, a unique experience every time you visit our stores, so we regularly introduce new and exciting products – in addition to our large, permanent assortment. It could for instance be that very special piece of candy that you only know from abroad or a face cream with a scent of orange. Because our entire assortment is continuously changing, it will always be a new experience to visit our stores.

We opened our first store in Silkeborg in April 2013. Since then we have grown considerably and we now have more than 230 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland and France. It is our vision to offer our shopping experience to more people around Europe. We are huge supporters of local entrepreneurship, thus we wish to start on new markets through a joint venture with local partners.
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Skrevet af Ungarbejder (tidligere ansat) fra Viborg kommune den 16 juni 2020
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