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Det er en en sjov arbejdsplads, fordi man kan hygge med kollegaer rundt omkring, samt man lærer noget nyt heletiden
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Premium Arbeitgeber

Sehr interessante ArbeitTeamarbeit, sozialer Arbeitgeber, Top Arbeitsklima, gute Verdienst möglichkeiten
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The World's Best Toy Company, and probably the best Employer, too.

I have no complaints about working for LEGO - it was my dream job. The salary, benefits, and hey - being able to play with toys for a living wasn't too bad, either. What an experience!
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dynamisch bedrijf

Een fantastisch kantoor met goede werksfeer waarin hard gewerkt wordt aan speelgoed dat generaties mee kan.
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Exhilarating experience

The LEGO facilities were well-maintained, stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks, and comfortable work stations and meeting rooms. The work environment was friendly and collaborative, but highly competitive at the same time. Different teams must compete for investment into their projects. Staffing is often dependent on projects moving forward. Therefore, everyone is always insecure about keeping their job. The work was interesting, fast-paced, and rewarding. I worked with designers, marketers, software developers, graphic artists, photographers, editors, publishers, sales representatives, and directors to develop new products for target markets.
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Stressende arbejdsplads

Stressende arbejdsplads og fysisk hårdt arbejdsmiljø
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Fun Work

Fun work good fellow designers and other things that get this mandatory review section up to one hundred and fifty minimum characters. And that's 150.
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God arbejdsplads

God arbejdsplads og spændene job. Mange udfordringer .
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Friendly, fun and fair

My internship taught me a lot about how LEGO as a company worked, as well as the design industry generally. The expectations of me were fair, and my manager's feedback and guidance was always appreciated and made sense. Everybody in the workplace was always very friendly and made me feel welcome, and I knew I could ask anybody if I needed help with anything. It felt almost like being part of one big family. The hardest part of the job was striking the right balance of aesthetics, playability and ease of building for the target user group. Designing a product that looked good and functioned well, while also being easy enough for young children to build, was quite challenging, and my time at LEGO helped me develop my ability to do this. The most enjoyable parts of the job were the sense of community, and the joy of helping to design something that kids are going to love.


Friendly, fun, relaxed atmosphere, useful performance feedback
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produktiv og spændende arbejdsplads.

Jeg mener Lego System A/S er den bedst arbejdsplads, jeg nogensinde har været ansat i.


alt er på sin plads, også sikkerheden er i top.


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An absolutely great place to work!

LEGO Group is an amazing place to work. Not only are there plenty of opportunities for career advancement, but the corporate culture is about work as play - if you don't enjoy what you are doing, you will not do it very well. LEGO works hard to find just the right fit for a person, and once you are in the company they really take care of you.
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Lego dage

God arbejdsplads, frihed under ansvar, selvstændighed, løn, personale goder.
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Excellent workplace

Highly professional and at the same time fun and creative workplace with employees from all around the world. The corporate language is English and many people stay for many years.
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NIce working place

The culture in LEGO is exactly as seen in family companies, employees are considered more than just workers. They are cared for and everything is being done to ensure full job satisfaction. I have learned how to interact with people from different cultures and working areas, how to be part of a team and that the best is not good enough :)
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Best internship ever.

I really enjoyed working here. They give interns freedom and listen to their input. I developed myself a lot in a wide range of skills.
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En virksomhed som har mennesket i centrum

LEGO er en virksomhed med solide værdier og et sted hvor mennesket er i centrum. Her er gode arbejdsforhold og gode muligheder for den, som ønsker at skabe sig en karriere. Det interne ordsprog "Har du været der i 5 år, så har du været der i 25 år" taler sit eget sprog.
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Everything is awesome

The LEGO group has been a fantastic collaborator in my 7 years at LEGO, it has been a fantastic jouney where i was given the possibility to develop myself on a personal and a professional level.


Work life balance
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Super Brand, Stressful company

The creative part of LEGO is for sure fantastic to work within. However the division producing moulds is very stressful and special.


Cheep LEGO
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Fun place to work with

A typical day at work was fun, I learned alot about Advertising and was driven to further my skills as a concept artist. The job was fair and the colleagues were very friendly.


Benefits, great colleagues


Complicated Organization, poor management
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Godt arbejdsmiljø. Stærke værdier.

Stærke værdier, der blev brugt. Engagerede medarbejdere.
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Possibility to develop

LEGO is a company offering excellent opportunities for development. I started out with minor tasks until I knew all the processes, and my manager believed it was time to take on bigger challenges and get more responsibility.
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