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The public image of the company is extremely positive. It truly values people above technology and money. There is significant effort to keep it all in sync with internal processes and structures.

Work/life balance and compensations are aligned with what you'd expect in socialist Denmark, incl. 4 weeks of paid vacation. Plus free cellphone and home internet as usual.

There are practically no boundaries for imagination when you're in R part of R&D. People will think big and tend to revolutionise the ways how robots are built and used. It feels very progressive.

It is multi-national and primarily-English-speaking which is rare case in Denmark.
4 weeks of paid vacation
management chaos, waterfall, politics
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Officielt svar fra Universal Robots
22 maj 2019
Hi there,

I know it is some time since you did this review, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. That is truly valued.

It is for sure a big part of our DNA to put the people first, and as a first-mover technology company we try to keep as little boundaries as possible for innovation. I think you are spot on in mentioning these two ares in your review.

You are also mentioning "management chaos". It's true that we grew at an insane pace in 2018 when you did this comment. We are not going to lie, this created some chaos. But I assure you that this is a concern we are and have been dealing with extensively the last 6 months, and hopefully you also see the result today in your everyday life with us.

Also, just wanted to let you and any one else reading this know that we do actually have 5 weeks of paid holiday :)

Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Kind regards

Stine from HR
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